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NCP Trustees’ Report July 2022 – June 30 2023

Nigerian Community in Peterborough is a registered charity, it exists to support members of the public who are Nigerian by birth, ancestry and descent, marriage, naturalisation, or adoption in the Peterborough area.

We are an inclusive organisation welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds working together to enable members to reach their full potential as individuals contributing to health & socio-economic well-being in Peterborough. 

The vision of the founding members was to create a space where Nigerians regardless of tribe or tongue can engage effectively in Peterborough and be inclusive in the community. We have done this progressively over the years and we form part of the larger community groups supporting residents of Peterborough as community champions.

The charity also serves as a bridge promoting communication and cohesion between its members and the local city council.  The Nigerian Community in Peterborough creates a space where members feel they belong and can live at peace alongside other communities.

The purpose of this report is to announce to all our members, volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders what a successful year the charity has had. We would also like to take this opportunity to show how we are held accountable to our beneficiaries, our volunteers, and to the Charity Commission in ensuring our continued compliance with charity law and best practice. This will, in turn, show the general public how we are continuing to promote transparency and trust in our cause.

Since becoming a registered charity, we have continued to support not just our members but the community at large.

 We provided one of the hubs in Peterborough City for the cost-of-living support between November 2022-March 2023 where we offered support by handing out food to families and taking food to the vulnerable, provision of vouchers for food, energy costs, and diapers.  We continually support  the Peterborough women’s refuge by supplying welcome  care packages as well as Christmas girts for mothers and young children. 

We aligned with the local authority to provide advice on applying for jobs and we have success stories and feedback from those who used the service and are now employed. The hub was so successful that we were nominated in the 2023 BBC category as a community that makes a difference. 

In May 2023, we had an event for children in celebrating children’s day by providing activities and meals for children and their parents in a relaxed environment while promoting handwashing training and awareness of still maintaining the Covid 19 protocol.

For Women’s Day 2023, we had a doctor from our community give a talk about women’s health with a focus on menopause while we provided refreshments and networking for Women, and a play area for their children.

We continue to work with other communities in Peterborough to bring about change and encourage inclusion.  We work closely with several registered charities in Peterborough for example Family voice, High Heritage, Teen to thrive. The NCP is a member of the community champions alliance which includes Ghanaian, Kenyans, Lithuanians, Chinese communities, and the Asylum refuge community. In conclusion the NCP success depends heavily on volunteers that come together to promote and enhance our people’s wellbeing this may mean championing health living, improving mental health wellbeing or attaining better living conditions for Nigerian in Peterborough. 

Signed Chair 

On behalf Trustees 

Mrs O Makanjuola

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