Nigerian Community in Peterborough

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We believe in togetherness.

We’re one community.

Our membership brings people together

Members’ responsibilities and benefits

As a member of the Nigerian Community in Peterborough, you are obliged to attend general meetings and also to participate in all the association activities.

As part of the organisation’s norms, members are expected to pay their membership dues at the appropriate time


  • Members are supported in all areas of need such as during hospitalization and bereavements. Your participation in activities and membership financial contributions will be taken into consideration.
  • Members are obliged to attend all social and cultural events
  • The organisation shows solidarity towards one another
  • Members will benefit from free educational courses run by the city council
  • Job opportunities advertised by the public sectors are made known to the members via email
  • Free social services advice are provided to members by qualified professionals
  • As a member of NCP, you will benefit lots more than the above stated. For more of membership benefits, please contact the Secretary General.